Why you should choose cork flooring

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with cork flooring and its long history as a floor covering. These floors have been around for well over one hundred years and not only bring plenty of benefits to your home naturally, but they provide additional features that have come over the years through technological advances. Visit us or read along to find out more about what this product could do for your home.

Are you ready for cork kitchen flooring?

One of the reasons cork kitchen flooring is currently so popular is the outstanding comfort available from the product line. Filled with millions of tiny air pockets, you’ll notice an impressive "bounce back" after every step onto cork products. This can translate to less back and feet pain if you are often standing for long periods to prepare and serve meals or do the dishes. But cork is also an impressive kitchen addition because it’s pest and heat resistant, flame retardant, and very durable under heavy traffic, especially if properly sealed. These floors also provide an attractive visual that can cater to any décor requirement, especially in this area. In addition, it's naturally rustic visual, which means it will likely trend for many years to come, keeping you current longer. With a lifespan of more than 40 years when properly maintained, you'll find cork flooring is incredibly frugal over time. Over that lifespan, you may note some color changes, especially if the products are in an area where direct sunlight is prevalent. The natural color change can be stunning to see, but if you prefer for that not to happen, be sure to take caution to alleviate UV rays from coming in.

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We provide your best cork flooring

Carpet Carousel offers a vast selection of floor coverings that work to meet any need you currently have in place. Whether you’re installing cork flooring for beauty, protection, or additional benefits, you’re sure to be pleased with the results. Share your requirements and preferences with our associates so they can help save you time by matching you with the specific options that will serve you best.

From our Sudbury, MA showroom, we cater to Metrowest communities like Sudbury, MA, Weston, MA, Wayland, MA, Concord, MA, and Framingham, MA. We look forward to working with you and invite you to visit us whenever you're in the area. Our associates will ensure you have cork, cork floor tiles, or any other type of cork you need, so stop by today for full-service flooring you can trust.